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currently under constructions!! Conversations is the title of my exhibition as it was the inspiration for many of the displayed pieces. The idea of different forms of conversations can be found in the pieces themselves, between the different works and now, finally, between you; the viewer and the artworks. listening – speaking – answering –

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Birth of a mask

Birth of a mask textile art/ theater/ workshop/ performance 10 masks have been created and gotten the chance to be birthed on stage.  „The mask chosen tended to give me a character that was just a heightened version of myself“ (participant of the workshop)


An artistic investigation into the construction and destruction of beaty. „Everything I have been valing before disappears or more percise, is hidden. The focus brtally changes and with it my own role from being the creator to a witness of change. My question remains: What is beauty – the content or the visible?“ More in

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PROJECT 1: summer course at HDK 2016                       The project is aiming to create an experimental clothing collection. The collection “be aware that the other person is you” is proposed to deal with the question of being or feeling alone. Loneliness refers to a very

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AN- ZIEHEN   In the objects Anziehen (German for: to put on, but also to attract), I am aiming to connect sheer beauty with the depth and the mystery of the content of things, the unseen and the hidden. Both components are equally strong in my work and become in their clear differentiation an inseparable

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„Gestalten“ A small series of 6 unique illustrations DINA 4 sized. – CARDS This is a small selection of handmade, postcard sized illustrations. The works are ranging in different techniques and materials. Nevertheless, they are all hand drawn or hand printed, additionally colored and every illustration is, therefore, a unique artwork. The motives are ranging

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MONSTERS and the Monsters at Algotfestivalen

THE MONSTERS All objects are created in the same procedure and share, therefore, one visual language which is a mixture of sweet and spooky – colourful – with familiar appearing shapes triggering your imagination and creativity. The used textiles are mainly donations and are spontaneously and intuitively chosen. Within the process of creating the sculptures,

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Exhibition 2018 in Askersund – Sweden

How to paint a landscape The project „How to paint a landscape“ started with the intention to translate the fast and spontaneous approach of abstract painting to the often thought out and highly planned process of creating textile sculptures. The mix of the very slow but still intuitive procedure explores the common grounds of the

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Analog photography

  T-W-I-S-T-E-R                 Baltic Sea// smmer //2019     We ended up somewhere else –           Göteborg// autumn //2017     Hallo Hamburg!             Hamburg// September 2017 // analog   Away // Island            

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