MONSTERS and the Monsters at Algotfestivalen


All objects are created in the same procedure and share, therefore,
one visual language which is a mixture of sweet and spooky –
colourful – with familiar appearing shapes triggering your imagination
and creativity. The used textiles are mainly donations and
are spontaneously and intuitively chosen. Within the process of
creating the sculptures, I intuitively draw organic, round shapes on
the cloth and cut out the shapes. Different shapes are now brought
together, without any bigger plan than finding good fits in size and
curves. This process allows me to not plan the shape of the object
and rather stumble into the finished piece.

The different shapes of the sculptures are based on the
given limits of each work. Limits like the size and amount of
fabrics, limits within the ability to connect the pattern pieces and
my personal limit of patience and time. The moment I turn around
the fabric “skin” is the moment I actually see the outcome of my
previous labour (as the sewing is left on left). The developing
shapes can be viewed as different body parts, limbs or extremities,
which has been puzzled together. Objects that will stumble if they
try to walk – sculptures to observe, interact, or even cuddle with.


The (at least for me personally) unconventional colour range and
selection of textiles is based in my interest in “strange, catchy and
cheap” looking materials in combination with tactile interesting
fabrics. My intuitive choice of materials follows the idea of creating
a strange and pulsing atmosphere which is overloaded of impressions.





The Monsters were taking part at Algot, a small music festival in the
nowhere of Sweden. The collaboration “SNÖSTORMEN” consisting
of Gusten Aldenklint, Elina Nilsson, Kristoffer Sandberg and
myself, created a site specific installation which focused on experiencing
the given area. The project incorporated video art, sound
art and visual aspects as the Monsters. With the highlight of the
Snöstormen sleeping bag concert, the monsters were interacting
and experienced by the attendees. Used for cuddling, as pillows and
so one, the textile objects naturally moved from their positions and
developed a life on their own.





Additionally to the installation and the sleeping bag concert, the
monsters had an appearance at Algotfestivalen in form of a workshop
I organized. The so called “Tiny- Monster Workshop” took
place on the last day of the festival in front of the main stage. The
Workshop provided the opportunity to create your own little monster
while listening to the music and sitting together with friends.
Supplying interested peoples with a “how to make a monster” plan
and materials led to a long and self-driven workshop experience
in which many monsters were created, ranging in colour, size and
visual language.