continuation // It’s not a black and white thing


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Exhibition at Galleri Blunk in Trondheim, Norway 2017

Title: The world is blue at its edges and in its depths.

(quote: R.Solnit)

The strings seem to be too long for the paper, they are intruding into it – or do they escape?

Threads, stitched in ready-made and manufactured paper.

They are becoming a part of the structure and the visible differences are based on the diversity in qualities and handicraft. Diverse layers are merging into one, they start to communicate with each other. The eye follows the lines that are almost straight – lines we can read in between.

The pieces belong to a broader project with the name “It’s not a black and white thing” which questions the existing theories regarding black and white and their impact on language, society and everyday life. The work mainly focuses on the ability to merge different materials and layers and to discover their encounters. Consisting of paper, Mohair-/Silk yarn, plaster and one velvet black textile dyeing mix, the pieces push the black colour and the white of the materials to one another until they have found a way to meet and expand. What we face is not only a black and white thing – it is everything in between – it is the blue of the world’s edges and its depths.


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The subject of black & white started to intrigue me as a result of questioning the idea and theory of
black & white which surround us in language, society and everyday life. The issue, followed me though
my Master education and led to today’s research on the ability of merging different materials and layers
and to discover their encounters.
“(…) some questions are more significant than their answers, and such is the case with this
one” (Solnit, Rebecca. A field guide to getting lost) and, therefore, I am not interested in giving a clear
answer or image. In and with my artworks I am aiming to invite the viewer – invite to experience,
think and question.

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