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photo: Sebastian Waldenby
photo: Sebastian Waldenby


is the title of my exhibition as it was the inspiration for many of the displayed pieces. The idea of different forms of conversations can be found in the pieces themselves, between the different works and now, finally, between you; the viewer and the artworks.

listening – speaking – answering – analyzing – responding- connecting

A conversation is often described as an interactive communication between two or more people; it functions as a tool to connect and gives the possibilities to either just spend time with ”chitchat” or go deeper to connect and learn from one another.

Get lost or get together – Or get lost together

For me the truly interesting form of conversation is, when different views/ people/ standpoints start to understand their differences but nevertheless find common ground and respect through communi- cating. Building something new through the art of communication might be the highest form of conversation, and the starting point for this exhibition.

Soft and hard. Black and white – grey – – colors— stitches —— paths Informal and symmetrical
In a world that is more divided that ever, where differences seem to grow and form insurmountable obstacles, communication and conversations become more and more important. Communication is power, it’s hope and it’s deeply human.

With my works I am not intending to give clear messages or an- swers, but I am interested in the idea of starting a new rout of con- versation.
A conversation in black and white, grey, colors, stitches, paths, forms …

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