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The story “ The System of Dr. Tarr and Prof. Fether” written by Edgar Allan Poe recently crossed  my way. The story is taking part in a madhouse and I got interested into the story, but also into the place “madhouse”. While reading, I immediately asked myself what is reality? What is normal or is there something like normal? Through Edgar Allan Poe’s story I started to research about old mad houses, so called Asylums and I realized that I reacted very strongly to the material I have seen.

In conversations with friends I start to discuss the theme “madness”and the subject mental illness and I was surprised that many people have something to say about that subject, but it stays mostly unsaid. I also got curious about the fact that this type of illness is less accepted in society than other types of sickness. We, as a society fear to get close to involved subjects, we fear the ambiguity of mental diseases.

Spring 2015